What do I expect from this blog?

If you are like me, and since you are reading this I am going to assume that we do share some characteristics, you have found that our expectations don’t always (or ever) come true. But I would like this to be a place we can figure out this point in our lives with humor and grace. I do want feed back. There is a place for comments at the bottom of the page. Use it (unless you are planning on saying something really snarky). While this is my blog, I would like for it to become a gathering place for us BBs.

I readily admit that I don’t have this aging thing quite down pat. In fact, there is a running family joke (meaning Laura) that I consider myself to appear at least 40 years younger than I am. One idle comment back in my thirties (Oh. Dear. Lord.) that someone took me for being in my twenties and well, she has never let me forget that. She also refers to me as her MUCH OLDER sister. Let me just say, she was having knee replacements and driving a Buick before me. (Jana, don’t be offended, I so covet your Buick!)

You might ask why Laura is so often in my post. Actually, I think she has made all of them so far. Because she is someone I have known her entire life and so many, many, many of my memories and adventures have been with her. While I have promised her that I would try very hard not to embarrass her, she is my little sister and that is just what us big sisters do.  That being said, any of you my friends may show up here too, so it would be in your best interest to comment frequently in a VERY positive manner.

I have been doing quite a bit of memory travel lately.  Seeing some of Alice’s wonderful pictures of our school days she so graciously shares with us.  Seeing other friends grandchildren (how can that be????) graduating from college as well as high school. Their wedding pictures, birth announcements can bring it on.  Whoosh, I’m back in grade school actually remembering something from the first grade (now this is how old I am, my first grade teacher, Mrs. Sensantaffer {I have NO idea how to spell it but that is how it sounded} was a little girl in a wagon during the Oklahoma Land Rush and told us about it! )  I can break out in a cheer leading routine every time I hear certain songs.  Malynda, Teresa, do you do that?  Please don’t tell me I am the only one.

I may also have give-a-ways and contests. This is not going to be a DIY (can’t wait to show you some of my really cool things I’ve done), cooking (not as good a cook as Laura, but I can rock some things), home making (now that would be funny), organizing (even funnier), beauty or fashion blog (really? me?), but I do expect some or all of these to appear since these are all subjects that interest me.  And as much as I find on these topics on Pinterest (admit it, you are well aware of this time suck and I do freely admit my addiction) you are also.  But as I get a better hang of how to do this thing, I would like for Age of Gray to be one of your weekly stopping spots. It is my intention (here I go again) to post every Monday. It will take a week for me to come up with something witty and fun and since I only have so many original thoughts, if you give me some ideas, it will make for a much better experience for all of us.

Whew, that was work. Back to bed now. Why can’t I come up with stuff during the day light hours instead of the middle of the night?

3 thoughts on “What do I expect from this blog?

  1. Well, so far you haven’t embarrassed me…You will have to keep trying harder. I love you, and since our memories are so often intertwined it is nice to relive them again and again. I may be younger, but my memory may not be as strong, so I like that kick to start it up again. I of course follow your post and look forward to reading them. I will try to come up with something to give you a kick start one of these days. Love you.

  2. Keep it going, Linda. I’m loving it! It’s lonely when all the siblings are gone and no one else has the same memories as you. Enjoy the time you and Laura have together.
    Much love,
    Aunt Bobbie

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