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Hey ma, check out the old dude!

Blog Hair

So if you have been following along, you know we have discussed women’s hair and men’s beards.  I think you know my stance on fun hair color and disgusting weird beard trends.  Now it is time for an update.

I have been having so much fun with my hair color.  My tresses (that sounds so much more luxurious than hair) have been various shades of burgundy and plum brown.  Right now it is pretty close to a reddish purple color.  Nort has picked most of these colors out so if he doesn’t like it, he certainly has not said anything.  Madison is used to her mother’s hair being all sorts of different colors but she is not so sure about mine.  Luke doesn’t care one way or the other just as long as I don’t shave my head.

For so many years I had to be very conservative in my hair styles as well as colors.  Heck, there were some times in my career that I couldn’t even wear cool nail colors or decals.  But that was alright for the most part since I had done the wild and weird in my younger years.  Oh, and my toes were always pretty cool when I took my shoes off.  Bright orange toe nail polish with whimsical designs will always brighten your day.  Now that I am making paint, it is expected that I rock a different look.  Yippee!

Recently though, I had a woman and her teenage daughter come in for some paint for the daughter’s bed room.  “Oh mom! That is the color I want my hair!”  The look of  horror on mom’s face was pretty darn funny.  “NO!”  Then you should have seen her backtracking so as to not offend me.  “Oh, I mean, really, it looks great on you…….”  I just smiled and winked at the teenager.  What else could I do.  And, no, I was not offended.

One Sunday I didn’t even think about what I was wearing or really what eye makeup and lipstick I had on.  I was just glad I got dressed and ready so we could leave for church on time.  (Bet you have felt that way a time or two).  It wasn’t until we were leaving one of my friends said, “You really must have spent some time on what you were going to wear today.  Every thing matches your hair!”  When I got home and really looked in the mirror, she was right.  My hair matched my eyeshadow which matched my lipstick which matched my earrings which matches my top.  I was wearing black trousers and shoes so I wasn’t totally monochromatic.   I have been more careful since.

All this brings me (in a very round about way) to men.  Not so much what they are doing with their hair color, but just about every thing else.  As disgusting as I think braided, beaded beards are, I get a real kick out of the pony tails.  I just can’t help but laugh a little to my self when I see a semi-bald man with snow white hair and a pony tail.   Oh, and earrings.  Don’t you just love a 70 year old man with earrings and a pony tail?

While grocery shopping one day I saw a couple that were just too cute for words.  She had beautiful snowy white hair in a really cute cropped cute usually seen only on younger women.  He too had snowy white hair though he was semi-bald.  But what hair he did have was long enough that he could sport a cute little pony tail.  And what was even cuter was the red hair elastic that coordinated with his very neat and conservative button style shirt.   I loved it.

And that is not the only interesting hair style I’ve seen on white haired older guys.  Nort and I were shopping (he is SO patient so it is fun to shop with him) and in the check-out line was a man with some bit more hair than Nort has and much longer on top, but it was all spiky, like a porcupine.  Pretty darn cool, short on the sides (where it was thicker of course) and longer on top and standing straight up.  I looked inquiringly at my spouse but he just grinned.  Don’t think I can talk him into that.

At first I was not really sure about the look and found it kind of confusing.  I mean I’m used to old bikers and renegades.  Hippies (do we still call them hippies?) have pretty much always had long hair, pony tails and braids.  I remember when my brother got married in the early eighties there was a couple who both had lovely French braids.  The only difference in their hairstyles was she had flowers in hers and he didn’t.   But they were young and of course, hippies.

I wonder if these old guys I’ve been seeing wore their hair long when they were young men too and if this is just their chance to go back in time.  Or maybe this is the hair style they have had for sixty years and no sense changing it now.  Granted, I’ve not seen any “Beatle” cuts, but that could be because one needs lots of hair all over the head to imitate John, Paul, George or Ringo.  Oh the image of some old guy still going for that look is just too funny.  Pardon me while I chuckle.

But I think it is probably the same with them as so many of us women.  These guys are probably men who worked in conservative business environments like lawyers, bankers and such and just now get to go wild.  Remember, these are men who came of age when these careers demanded suits and ties for a work uniform.  Even most tradesmen had to be more conservative in their work life.  That is why you would see so many really colorful golf pants and shirts and other weekend wear.

So, that is what I really think it is.  We women who were either compelled to be less frivolous with our hair and such whether due to our career choices or demands of raising a family (or both!) now get to play as much as we want to with cuts and color.  There is no such thing as a matronly look anymore.  And by golly, the men get to do their own thing now too.  Once full on retirement hits and there is no more need to “toe the line” they are as free as we are to embrace our inner young person.  More power to the Age of Gray!

Cha, cha, cha changes

Mirror quote

How many of you look in the mirror and think, boy, do I look great or what? Oh, I guess it would depend on when you look in the mirror. Frankly, in the mornings when I first get up and my hair is really going every which way and my eye bags are in full bloom, I look like a deranged chicken. But, once I’ve gotten the coffee ingested and the blood flowing I get a bit better. Then after a good face splash or two and make up on and  my hair more or less styled, I think, not bad, not bad at all. And once I get dressed and accessorized then check the view, it’s darn, I’m smoking hot. That feeling will last until I run into a mirror outside of my house (or any form of reflective glass). Suddenly, I’m faced with a stranger.  Who is that person wearing my clothes.

For a while on my Facebook page I had my Senior High School portrait (for you younger people, that would be a Senior Picture, we were much more formal then).  When I look at that girl, I think my, what a pretty girl she was. Look at that innocence; you can see her hopes and dreams just shining from her eyes.  When I look at pictures of my friends and classmates from that period, that is what I see in everyone.  We were beautiful children, every single one of us.  Oh, we laugh at our hairstyles and fashion choices of clothes, but that does not hide the beauty.

At that stage of our lives, we had not faced the losses and pain that would come in later years.  We girls had not borne children that gave us so much joy but wrecked havoc on our waistlines and tummies. Boys still had full heads of hair and only the beginnings of beards that would soon turn to comb-overs and fuzzy ears.  Our physical selves were at their peak or were soon to be.   Oh we whined about pimples, greasy foreheads and braces, but I think deep down in our barely formed psyches we knew we were all that and then some. School, ballgames, practice, date nights and all that goes with teenage years were embraced without a second thought.  We were young and we would always be young.

Young adulthood did not change us that much.  We got jobs, went to college, got married, had babies, joined the military, but did not grow older.  Pictures from those days still show young, beautiful people with their whole lives ahead of them.   We did have worries now other than grades and game scores, but the biggies were still ahead of us.  I look at pictures of me with Amanda and Luke as babies.  I was just a bit more than a little girl at that time, but I felt oh so adult.

In five short years, we had high school reunions.  Some of us were married and settled into what we thought would be our lives for ever.  Others had just graduated from college and were sure their future was a shining star just waiting to be reached, while still more of us were in the Adult World of Work and beginning to see what our parents had told us about real life.  But, still we were young and beautiful and could honestly tell each other, “You haven’t changed a bit!”

I’m not sure when time started to catch up with us.  That intriguing white streak that was so sexy in younger days became a full out epidemic converting our once lush  hair into a gray dull mess.  And that was if you were lucky enough to still have it.  Those healthy tans were no longer healthy looking.  That five pounds turned into five more and five more and well, you know the rest.   Those of you who have followed for a while remember our trip to Galveston.  Nort was telling one of our friends about it.  He said that one of the men said he was so disappointed when he first got there.  Instead of seeing a bunch of his 19 year old  buddies, there was a bunch of old fat men.

I think we have all at one time or another ran into some one we haven’t seen in years and wondered, boy does he/she look old.  What in the world happened?  I look so much younger!  Ooops.  If we could see into their minds, guess what they are thinking?  Yep, we really look old to others.

And then, just when we least expect it, guess what happens.  WE START GETTING YOUNGER AGAIN!  Yes, it’s true.  Think about it.  We are starting out on a new adventure!  So much to see, so much to do.  The Golden Years are called that for a reason.  Our children are grown.  They are adults now and while we will always love them and worry about them, the pressure is off.  If their behavior is not what we would like it to be, it is because of their choices. Job not great?  Who cares, going to retire soon anyway.  Never going to fit into your cheer leader outfit or your old Army uniform again?  Do you really want to anyway.   Should I care if purple eye shadow is not stylish, heck, I’ll wear it anyway.  Want to binge watch something on Netflix instead of mopping the floor.  Go ahead, your friends are doing the same thing.

One of the things I loved best when I turned 50 was realizing there was so much I didn’t have to do if I didn’t want.  I don’t have to answer the phone if I don’t feel like it, and I don’t need an excuse.  That is so liberating!  We can spoil our grandchildren (and who doesn’t) and not have to worry that we are going to make them horrible adults (that is their parent’s worry).  Laura and I were talking to our precious doggies (really, they are horrible doggies) in baby talk.  We never did that with our kids.  I commented on that.  Her response was “I don’t have to worry about Lucy having a speech problem because of how I talk to her.”  See, how much fun is that.

I have always loved to color, but there was frequently just too much that I HAD TO DO to be able to just sit down and color until my fingers cramped.  I even used to feel that I had to be doing something else while I watched television so that it was not time wasted.  Well, Laura got me a beautiful coloring book and guess what I do now.  Yep and I don’t make any apologies for it either.

Which, brings me back full circle.  Is there anything more beautiful than a face that has lived?  Our skin is softer and clearer than it ever was and wrinkles just show how much we have laughed over the years.  While our eyes may be behind bifocals, they sure do sparkle with remembered joys.  Bodies are now just perfect for cuddling little ones, be they human or furry and our laps are where children want to be.  We can embrace our salt and pepper or silver hair or we can go wild and crazy.  In fact, right now I am rocking a wonderful violet color that is just too much fun.  And don’t even pretend that a silver beard is not a thing of beauty.

Now when I see my family and friends I marvel at how beautiful they are now.  I don’t see years added, I see years lived.  There is not the self doubt and fear that seemed to develop into worry lines once we grew up enough to know there was so much we didn’t know and how scary the world can be.   Our lives have reached a point where they are OUR lives, not a life yet to be and that in itself is a beautiful thing.

What’s that on your face?

Beard quote

Okay, let’s talk facial hair.  Not my facial hair of course, though there would be plenty to talk about.  I mean, what is with all these little upper lip hairs (I will NOT call them a mustache!) and weird chin hairs?  What’s up with that?  One of my recurring fears is that I would be just chatting away having a good hair day and make up just right and everything matched and fitting and all the other person could see would be this black hair right in the middle of my chin.  I personally think that allowing your wife to go out with an errant facial hair that is visible to the naked, non-magnified eye should be grounds for divorce.

Oh, and don’t get me started on women who shave and walk around with a stubble!  Oy!  If you are going to shave, shave every single day.  Stubble is barely sexy on a man and is so not sexy on a woman.  Invest in a good magnifying mirror and a good pair of tweezers.  Pluck as you notice.  Simple.  Of course some people (meaning me) tend to feel these hateful little hairs when they are no where near a mirror or tweezers and then have to keep reminding themselves to look and pluck as soon as they get home.  But by then the hair has grown enough and and is soft enough it is invisible.  Until you get in the car and check the mirror for lipstick on your teeth, and then, THERE IT IS.

You would think that white hairs would not show as much.  Oh you silly person, they positively sparkle in the sun light!  And white eyebrow hairs.  They are the worst.  They won’t lay down like a good eyebrow hair, no,they have to stick straight up.  And you can’t pluck out the one white hair, oh no.  They are sneaky so instead of plucking the one white eyebrow hair sticking straight up in the middle of your eyebrow, you end up plucking three or four.  Just enough to make a funny place in your otherwise nice eyebrow.  So you have to even it out, which means you have to even out the other eyebrow and there you are.  Bette Davis eyes.

But that is not what I want to discuss today.  Now I am a facial hair loving kind of girl.  My daddy had a beautiful beard.  And I do love me a good mustache.  Is there any man much sexier than Sam Elliot or Tom Selleck.  Let’s just visualize facial hair for a moment, Burt Reynolds, Clark Gable, Billy Dee Williams, George Clooney, Jeff Bridges, John Legend, Hugh Jackman, Kris Kristofferson.  Siiigggghhhhh.  My beautiful husband, siiiggghhhh.  But the abomination I’m thinking of is the disgusting trend of braided chin hair on men.  Who ever decided that would be a thing?  I can’t imagine it being anyone sane.  Some lunatic must have been sitting around in the asylum playing with his beard (since they are not allowed razors you know) and got it all tangled up.

Years ago I saw David Allen Coe, and he was the most disgusting thing I’ve seen on a concert stage.  He looked to be somewhere around 110 years old, humped over, bare chested with a suede looking vest with fringe and skin tight leather pants.  Did I mention he looked to be 110 years old?  He had long, nasty stringy blonde hair down past his shoulder but the worst was the twin braids with beads hanging from his chin.  All together now, EWWWWWWWW GROOOSSSSSS.  My eyes actually hurt.

That was bad enough, though I could chalk it up to way too many drugs and it just being his stage persona.  But, lately there have been all sorts of men coming into Lowe’s with chin beards.  The first I saw looked to be washed up jockey.  He might have come up to my chin.  I think he was going for the cowboy look with his jeans, plaid shirt and jean jacket.  His hair was not that long and he was shaved but for a goatee.  Which would not have been that bad if not for his chin, which had a braid.  Granted it was a neat braid, but still, it was a chin braid.  He was at least as old as me, so it was not some hipster fashion statement.

Next I saw a youngish plump guy.  And this was really bizarre.  He was dressed in kahki pants, t-shirt and had a crew cut type hair cut.  Also beautiful clear blue eyes and rosy cheeks.  But his beard, oh my.  A beautiful lush full brown beard with multiple braids hanging down.  He jiggled when he walked and the braids just bounced around like they were skinny snakes all tangled up on his face.  I stared.  Everyone stared.  What was he thinking?  Doesn’t he have someone who loves him to tell him no, you can’t go out like that?

Since then there have been young guys with the cute man buns and not so cute chin braids.  An old man who was bald on top with a very skinny pony tail and an equally skinny chin pony tail with multiple rubber bands.  There was even one with what I swear was a French braid chin braid.  Wildest thing you can imagine.  Picture two French braids that meet at the middle then blend into a single braid.  But instead of going from front to the back of a woman’s head, it was on a man’s face.  Again I stared.

The biggest crime against nature was last week and I’m still not sure I am over it.  A very pleasant  looking (I guess, I was to busy staring, but at least he appeared clean and neat) young black man.  And he had, oh, my gosh, I’m not sure I can say this without freaking again, a chin dreadlock!  Yes.  On his face, hanging to about mid-chest, was a chin dreadlock.  What in the name of all that is good and right with the world made someone do that?  He was clean shaven except for a little round spot on his chin with a dreadlock!  Down to the middle of his chest.  Yes, you read that right, a dreadlock.

I don’t think I have quite recovered from that.  So, the question is, are these things limited to Hattiesburg, Mississippi or have they spread.  Is it something in the water here that makes men go insane?  Is this a form of self protection to keep women away as I just can’t (or refuse to) imagine any woman finding that attractive in the least.  What is the strangest thing you have seen a man do in the way of “grooming” lately?  And I guess the question must also be asked, do you find it attractive?

Fashion, really? That’s a style?

PicMonkey Quote

Now this is going to make me sound like an old fuddy duddy, tongue clicking, head wagging, matronly old lady,  but what in the world is wrong with the young people now days?  Do you ever have that thought run through your mind?  Where in the world did the fashion industry go wrong.  Have they all lost their minds?  Please tell me  I am not the only one who thinks that.

Explain to me why there is so much underwear on display.  And I don’t mean on just the ladies of the evening.  I have given up on my rants of the “sagging” young men (really, they want to be called MEN? Hah, I laugh)  Granted, I do know a grandmother whose grandson made the mistake of strolling/slouching/waddling  by his grandmother with a few of his friends who were also strolling/slouching/waddling.  She promptly pulled his pants the rest of the way down and gave him a good wallop.  True story.  She proudly told me of this and finished with, “He don’t do that now when I’m around.”  I could have kissed her.  But I digress.

Nope, it’s the “fashion” of wearing what appear to be multiple bras with all the straps showing.  Pardon me, but isn’t one bra uncomfortable enough?  So maybe they are camisoles, but I highly doubt it.  Not with all that is revealed anyway.  And, they aren’t even lacy, or pretty, or fancy, just plain old bra straps.   I saw a girl the other day who had on what was essentially a backless top.  Kind of like an extreme halter top.  It was a red top.  AND, her bra was black!  And I mean a basic Playtex type bra.  Not a brallet type of  thing.  A bra.  You did get that it was a halter type top didn’t you.  With a bra.  Huh?  Am I just that out of step?

So let me do my Rosana Rosana Danna bit here.  Another thing about the current under garment thing is: No nipples are allowed to show.  Not because they are actually covered, but because you can’t buy a bra that is not padded, for modesty sake.  Really?  Really?  Bras seem to be all demi-bras which are designed  to lift, push up, display and create cleavage to better show the girls off, (Bless you Stacy London for that, “Girls” sounds so much better than boobs) but they are padded so that no one will know that there are nipples on the wearer.

I am a DD, and I can’t find a bra that is not padded.  I have shirts that fit, until I put on that stupid padded bra, then they are too tight.  ARGH.  I saw a show with a fashion stylist explaining what color bra to wear under a white t-shirt.  Now, the model was a lovely young woman with a lovely figure.  The white t-shirt in question had a very, very, very scooped neckline exposing, you guessed it, the girls.  And this idiot (a man of course, as all stylist seem to be men) tells us to be sure to wear a “lined” red bra so that, and I quote, “there is no nipple slippage”!  If I could have reached him I would have slapped him.

Now I’m not suggesting we go back to the days of “bullet bras” that look like rocket ships under sweaters (although, in the old movies they sure do make one look rather shapely), but we have worked so hard to be allowed to look natural (see above) and now we are being told that real women don’t have nipples.  Heck, Batman had nipples, but that is another What Were They Thinking moment.  And, I will admit, that some of the more enlightened hippies who were seriously natural were apt to distress the older population (cough, parents) and are probably regretting letting it all hang out now.

Of course, when you take a walk around the mall (and why would any sane adult do that) you notice all the mannequins must be really cold (if you get my drift).  Other than being in the worlds worst posture, headless and weirdly proportioned, the mannequins look more natural than the sales clerks in the stores.  Those stores are cold but you won’t see a human nipple anywhere.

Oh, and what about the tights being worn as pants.  Not the very comfortable knit stirrup pants of the past or the equally comfy (and equally unflattering) yoga pants of today.  But what are called “leggings” but are in actuality tights/colored stockings.   These are usually topped with a too short t-shirt.  And, these things do not leave anything to the imagination, at all.  Depending on the shade of the leggings and the skin tone of the wearer, it can appear that the poor girl is naked from the waist down!  In fact, the internet is awash in photos of unfortunate women being seen in flesh colored leggings, and friends, it is not a pretty sight.

So, let’s recap this current fashion trend.  Leggings that show one’s appendectomy scar and a scoop neck t-shirt that doesn’t cover the belly button, lots of bra straps and no nipples.  Yep, that just about covers it.  Sigh, deep sigh.  And to think, I have multiple colors of undergarments so they don’t show.

So, what current trend has you wondering about the gullibility of today’s fashionistas?  Is there a style, or lack of style, that makes you want to scream?  By the same token, what do you think is something that should become a classic? I am more than willing to travel back in time to revisit some styles that were all the rage but did cause heads to spin.  Shall we discuss the 50’s poodle skirts with bobbie socks; mod Pucci print mini dresses of the 60’s; 70’s disco or the 80’s shoulders?  Leave me a comment and let your self be heard.