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If you are just joining in, let me give you a crash course on the Age of Gray.   I am a Baby Boomer just trying to figure out this point in my life with humor and grace.   Like others of my age I have seen marvels and miracles and expect to see many more.  I love to read other people’s blogs, hints and tips but find that so many are for people in earlier stages of life (boy do I wish I had these resources when I was a young bride/mother) and don’t  really relate to me, my life and most of all, my age.

The media, tells us that sixty is the new forty and we boomers are just hitting middle age. Well, I don’t know about you, but I sure as heck don’t intend to live to be 126. I know realistically that I am not middle-aged, but I do expect to have many more years ahead of me and I do want to live them to the fullest.  I have found that I have just as many questions on living that I had when I was younger and didn’t really know anything at all.  They are just different questions.  Should we downsize now that kids are gone or expand for grandchildren?  What styles can I wear and not look like a cougar or worse, matronly?  Are there really movies and television shows that feature people like me?

Do you have similar problems and questions? Do you have the same stories to tell that I do? We are not our grandparent’s generation. We are not our parent’s generation. And we are not our children’s generation. But, we are relevant. We are the movers and shakers. We are the biggest and most progressive generation. We moved mountains. And, we are still relevant.

If you are willing, I would love to have you stroll along with me. Tell me your stories. Tell me your fears. I want to hear what you remember of the Fifties. Were the Sixties really the height of music? Did you disco in the Seventies? Love shoulder pads in the Eighties? Let’s go boldly where no one has gone before. (Yep, let’s discuss Star Trek).


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