Let’s Go Down Memory Lane

So, I was perusing my FaceBook feed, and another one of those “Do you remember this in your mother/grandmother’s kitchen” was on my news feed and my first thought was “Of course not, it was in my kitchen and I got it as a wedding present. Then there was a “Guess what this is” and of course, not only did I know what it was, I used it.  Who wouldn’t know what something so obvious was and why were these items only seen in a grandmother’s kitchen.  Oh, let’s see, probably someone called a Gen Xer or some such nonsense.  So, let’s recap, there people out there who are just gobsmacked that someone would know what a rotary telephone is (and how to use it) and think that the only way anyone would remember the classic Corning Ware Blue Cornflower Casserole would be from their grandmother’s kitchen. Oh. My. Goodness. They obviously do NOT belong to the Age of Gray.  Yes, we certainly are an exclusive club, albeit a very large club.  Well, we do have a club name anyway (Baby Boomers) though I don’t think a secret hand shake would help us recognize each other since most of our hands don’t work well enough for a regular hand shake. Hmmmmm, how about a quiz.  All of you should do just great since we have been bombarded of late with the Do You Remembers on FaceBook and emails and just about everywhere else one turns.   So, here goes.  DO YOU REMEMBER……

  1. How old did you have to be to dance to Duke of Earl on American Bandstand.
  2. How stunned you were to see what color Little Joe’s jacket was.  Bonus for knowing who Little Joe was and what was the jacket color.
  3. Who was Mr. Ed.
  4. Who was Doby Gillis’ best friend and who played him.
  5. Plop, plop, fizz, fizz referred to what product.
  6. You’ll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with ___________.
  7. What was Sky King’s niece’s name.
  8. Who was Illya Kuryakin’s partner.
  9. Who sang “To Sir With Love”.  Bonus for knowing who played the character referred to in the song.
  10. What toothpaste had a beaver on it’s commercial.
  11. Why shouldn’t you go on Wolverton Mountain.
  12. Who was the villain on Underdog.
  13. What did the first Barbie wear.
  14. It’s my party and I’ll __________ if I want to.  Bonus for who sang these words.
  15. What did the bouncing ball on Mitch Miller do.
  16. Who made Freddy the Free Loader famous.
  17. I know nothing, nothing! was this character’s famous line.
  18. Who was a knight without armor in a savage land.
  19. What did Tom Terrific wear on his head.
  20. What was Flipper.


  1. 16
  2. Ben Cartwright’s son, the jacket was green
  3. A talking palomino horse (Oh Willlburrrrr).
  4. Maynard G. Krebs played by Bob Denver (yep, Gilligan himself)
  5. Alka Seltzer
  6. Pepsodent
  7. Penny
  8. Napoleon Solo (Illya was the cutest wasn’t he)
  9. Lulu, Sidney Poitier
  10. Ipana (Bucky Beaver)
  11. Clifton Clowers has a pretty young daughter and he’s pretty handy with a gun and knife
  12. Simon Bar Sinister (He was always kidnapping Polly Purebred)
  13. Black and white striped strapless bathing suit
  14. Cry, Leslie Gore
  15. Bounced on words so you could sing along with Mitch
  16. Red Skelton
  17. Hans Schultz on Hogan’s Heros
  18. Paladin played by Richard Boone on Have Gun – Will Travel
  19. A funnel
  20. A dolphin (this may be why so many of our generation really dig these mammals)

Now wasn’t that fun.  I bet you have just as many bits and pieces of our history just floating around in your head taking up all sorts of room you could be using to learn what in the world your grandchildren mean when they talk about a bae, or is it bay.  Don’t ask me, my head is full of useless knowledge.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Go Down Memory Lane

  1. Okay. I got most of them right. Had to really laugh at the SkyKing remembrance. That show came on right after Mighty Mouse (Here I come to save the day).

    1. Great, now I have a new earworm! That theme song is going to play in my head all day since there is no way to read Here I come… w/out singing it!

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