Fashion, really? That’s a style?

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Now this is going to make me sound like an old fuddy duddy, tongue clicking, head wagging, matronly old lady,  but what in the world is wrong with the young people now days?  Do you ever have that thought run through your mind?  Where in the world did the fashion industry go wrong.  Have they all lost their minds?  Please tell me  I am not the only one who thinks that.

Explain to me why there is so much underwear on display.  And I don’t mean on just the ladies of the evening.  I have given up on my rants of the “sagging” young men (really, they want to be called MEN? Hah, I laugh)  Granted, I do know a grandmother whose grandson made the mistake of strolling/slouching/waddling  by his grandmother with a few of his friends who were also strolling/slouching/waddling.  She promptly pulled his pants the rest of the way down and gave him a good wallop.  True story.  She proudly told me of this and finished with, “He don’t do that now when I’m around.”  I could have kissed her.  But I digress.

Nope, it’s the “fashion” of wearing what appear to be multiple bras with all the straps showing.  Pardon me, but isn’t one bra uncomfortable enough?  So maybe they are camisoles, but I highly doubt it.  Not with all that is revealed anyway.  And, they aren’t even lacy, or pretty, or fancy, just plain old bra straps.   I saw a girl the other day who had on what was essentially a backless top.  Kind of like an extreme halter top.  It was a red top.  AND, her bra was black!  And I mean a basic Playtex type bra.  Not a brallet type of  thing.  A bra.  You did get that it was a halter type top didn’t you.  With a bra.  Huh?  Am I just that out of step?

So let me do my Rosana Rosana Danna bit here.  Another thing about the current under garment thing is: No nipples are allowed to show.  Not because they are actually covered, but because you can’t buy a bra that is not padded, for modesty sake.  Really?  Really?  Bras seem to be all demi-bras which are designed  to lift, push up, display and create cleavage to better show the girls off, (Bless you Stacy London for that, “Girls” sounds so much better than boobs) but they are padded so that no one will know that there are nipples on the wearer.

I am a DD, and I can’t find a bra that is not padded.  I have shirts that fit, until I put on that stupid padded bra, then they are too tight.  ARGH.  I saw a show with a fashion stylist explaining what color bra to wear under a white t-shirt.  Now, the model was a lovely young woman with a lovely figure.  The white t-shirt in question had a very, very, very scooped neckline exposing, you guessed it, the girls.  And this idiot (a man of course, as all stylist seem to be men) tells us to be sure to wear a “lined” red bra so that, and I quote, “there is no nipple slippage”!  If I could have reached him I would have slapped him.

Now I’m not suggesting we go back to the days of “bullet bras” that look like rocket ships under sweaters (although, in the old movies they sure do make one look rather shapely), but we have worked so hard to be allowed to look natural (see above) and now we are being told that real women don’t have nipples.  Heck, Batman had nipples, but that is another What Were They Thinking moment.  And, I will admit, that some of the more enlightened hippies who were seriously natural were apt to distress the older population (cough, parents) and are probably regretting letting it all hang out now.

Of course, when you take a walk around the mall (and why would any sane adult do that) you notice all the mannequins must be really cold (if you get my drift).  Other than being in the worlds worst posture, headless and weirdly proportioned, the mannequins look more natural than the sales clerks in the stores.  Those stores are cold but you won’t see a human nipple anywhere.

Oh, and what about the tights being worn as pants.  Not the very comfortable knit stirrup pants of the past or the equally comfy (and equally unflattering) yoga pants of today.  But what are called “leggings” but are in actuality tights/colored stockings.   These are usually topped with a too short t-shirt.  And, these things do not leave anything to the imagination, at all.  Depending on the shade of the leggings and the skin tone of the wearer, it can appear that the poor girl is naked from the waist down!  In fact, the internet is awash in photos of unfortunate women being seen in flesh colored leggings, and friends, it is not a pretty sight.

So, let’s recap this current fashion trend.  Leggings that show one’s appendectomy scar and a scoop neck t-shirt that doesn’t cover the belly button, lots of bra straps and no nipples.  Yep, that just about covers it.  Sigh, deep sigh.  And to think, I have multiple colors of undergarments so they don’t show.

So, what current trend has you wondering about the gullibility of today’s fashionistas?  Is there a style, or lack of style, that makes you want to scream?  By the same token, what do you think is something that should become a classic? I am more than willing to travel back in time to revisit some styles that were all the rage but did cause heads to spin.  Shall we discuss the 50’s poodle skirts with bobbie socks; mod Pucci print mini dresses of the 60’s; 70’s disco or the 80’s shoulders?  Leave me a comment and let your self be heard.

9 thoughts on “Fashion, really? That’s a style?

  1. I totally agree! I wish you’d come stay a week with me and educate my teenager on why her mother does not think it is appropriate to wear a spaghetti strap tank top with her bra straps hanging out. Gag… I hate it!

    1. Oh no, I’m way to old to have to deal with that! Maddie had me so angry shopping for something appropriate to wear to church that I may never take her shopping again.

  2. I totally agree. I actually thought the Jr. high students I taught in the 90’s were the worst. Sagging was the rage. But the bra strap phenomena has me puzzled also. Like you said. “You knew this was a halter”.

    1. I can only imagine what Mother would have done if she had students like this since she kicked them out of her class if they were wearing ball caps!

  3. Fashion does have me a bit confused. I figure if the young person’s bra strap is showing-at least she is wearing one and hasn’t burned it like they did in the “70′”. As for the young men that wear their baggy jeans waist below their butt cheeks-I just don’t understand that one. Surely if those boys try to run they will fall down or lose their pants altogether.

    1. My husband is a manger of a convenience store. One day there were two boys fighting in the parking lot. He said there was a crowd watching and laughing since each one only had one hand to fight with as the other hand was holding up his pants. Yep, don’t understand at all.

  4. I loved how you brought your sense of humour into a great fashion post. Loved it.
    P.S. I have teenage daughters that hate the multiple bra straps. Hmmm…. But we still have to work on those padded bras.

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