A little about me

I’m obviously a Baby Boomer since I was born in 1951. While I am not fully retired, I am semi-retired having left the paralegal field and now mix paint at Lowes. My hours are wonderful, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday and I do love to see all the projects and re-dos people are doing. I am married to undoubtedly the most patient and easy going man in the world. Nort has embraced me, my family and friends like they are his own. I have two children, a daughter, Amanda, who is the mother of the Precious Child, Madison, and my son Luke. A truly spoiled wennie dog, Heinnie; almost as spoiled outside dog, Harriet and cat, Sheba who yes, is spoiled too, round out our household. I usually have a couple of fire-bellied toads, but right now taking a break from the amphibian world.

I am a woman of faith, Methodist if you want to know. My beliefs are deep and precious to me. I also have very strong political views which are basically moderately liberal, except where I live which is Mississippi, where they are considered very liberal. That said, I have friends and family who are not Methodist or even religious, that I love with my whole heart, who love me back. I have family and friends who are conservative/very conservative that I love with my whole heart, who love me back. I cherish these relationships way too much to let personal views and opinions to come between us. One of my deepest held beliefs is that all people should respect each other, even if it is hard.

I have always been a reader (thank you Mother and Daddy!), ready and willing to travel to anywhere at a drop of a hat (again thanks parents), love to sew/craft (thanks Mother) and am really enjoying the remodel/update of our house.

There are people who are glass half full people, glass half empty people. I am a “Hey, look a glass! And there is something in it! Yea!!!” kid of person. I’m sure as we go along, you will learn a whole lot more about me.

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